About Us
The Knickerbocker Law Firm

is headed by Thomas C. Knickerbocker, J.D., AICP who has over thirty years experience as a professional Urban Planner, Administrator and Land Planner.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Regional Economics and City Planning from the University of Texas at Arlington, a Master of Science and MBA from East Texas State University and the Doctor of Laws from South Texas College of Law. He is nationally certified as an Urban Planner by the American Institute of Certified Planners the professional arm of the American Planning Association and is admitted to practice law in Texas.

Mr. Knickerbocker has worked in the public and private sectors in land use, subdivision and zoning and developing Comprehensive Plans for cites and counties throughout Texas. He served as the Executive Director of the Austin Redevelopment Authority and later as Vice President of Lakeway, a 5,000 Acre Planned Community near Austin Texas.

For seventeen years Mr. Knickerbocker was a Principal in civil engineering and land planning firms who planned and designed Master Planned Communities, Freeways and Toll Roads and Subdivisions.

For over ten years he has served as an Expert Land Planning Expert in Eminent Domain cases for the Texas Department of Transportation, the City of Houston and Harris County. He has represented private landowners facing takings of rights of way for expansion of Houston’s freeway and arterial roadway system.

The unique skills of the firm involve highly technical evaluation of the plans and projects the condemning authority is planning to correctly determine the real impacts that will affect the value of the property to be taken. Many times what appears to be a simple taking impacts the future use and value of what remains and those damages must be documented and proven to obtain full value for the client. We are among the very few who have the expertise to read and understand the full impact of engineering and architectural plans and specifications that will affect the private property owner.

In addition, we can advise and help select other skilled experts and specialists to provide analysis and evidence favorable to the land owner at Special Commissioners Hearings and, if necessary, at trial.