The Knickerbocker Law Firm limits its work to the fields of Takings and Condemnation, Real Estate and Land Use Law. All of our work involves the protection of your constitutionally protected right to own and enjoy your private property, both as guaranteed by the Texas and U.S. Constitutions.
There are also a number of statutes enacted by local, state and federal legislatures that establish the processes to be followed when private land is to be acquired. The assistance of a qualified and experienced attorney insures you will receive every procedural and legal benefit guaranteed by law.

We can negotiate on your behalf with the agency involved, analyze the design and engineering plans and specifications to identify the real impacts of any taking and to assess damages that you will likely suffer to the value and marketability of the remaining land or structures being affected. In some cases, not at all uncommon, we can get you compensated for the taking and the damages to your property and your legal and expert witness fees (subject to court approval).

We will represent you at the agency seeking your property, before Special Commissioners in preliminary hearings and, if necessary, at a full trial before a jury. In rare cases where the pubic has caused grievous impacts we also perfect appeals to the Texas Courts of Appeal and the Texas Supreme Court. In even rarer cases where the State courts have violated the protections afforded the U.S. Constitution.

We can file your claims in Federal Court. In Texas the filing of an action in State court does not deny you access to the Federal Courts, although such action is very rare.

The Firm also acts as Special Counsel to assist other attorneys less experienced in these matters throughout the United States. Our expertise is then available in states where we are not licensed to practice for your benefit (although there are instances where we can directly represent a Texas citizen in another state through a process known as Pro Hoc Vice).