The firm represents its clients in two ways; prior to a full trial we work on an hourly basis as stated in our Rate Policy which is given to the client with a copy of the Texas Lawyers Creed and State BAR of Texas Grievance Procedure before the representation is accepted. If, after the administrative procedure process is unsuccessful and the client decides to proceed to trial we move to a contingency basis for compensation. In each case the costs of outside experts, appraisals and expenses are paid in addition to the fees for legal service. A formal agreement for representation will be provided and explained by an attorney representative of the firm in person before the attorney-client representation is formed. In most cases a Retainer Deposit is required to form the agreement between the firm and the client.

To best assure full and complete documentation and to protect the client’s rights we ask that communications be in writing, either through e-mails or correspondence. All telephonic conversations that are relevant to our representation will either be recorded or a memo is created and filed in the case file. In most cases we will use e-mails and attachments to transmit copies of documents to clients; however copies of signed court documents are always sent by mail.

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